Best Projector Under $100: Know What Suits Your Requirements

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Projectors have nowadays become an irreplaceable part of offices, educational institutes and schools. These devices act as an inverted camera and split light through a lens to project the visuals on the screen. Digital projectors or projectors with video inputs offer the same functionality as those of a computer monitor or TV. If you want to convert your home into a mini-theatre or showcase your presentations in conference halls, then you can do this seamlessly using a projector. The everyday use of projectors has increased its demand in the market. Also, this has encouraged manufacturers to develop projectors with more innovative features such as high-quality audio, 3D features, connectivity options and so on.

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Are you looking for the best projector under $100 to fulfil your essential requirements without compromising quality? Then take a look at this guide.

A Detailed List of Different Types of Projectors:

Before you plan to opt for the best cheap projector with excellent features, you must know the different types of projectors available. By knowing the various types of projectors, you will be able to decide which type will suit your purpose and fulfil your requirements. Among various models, some projecting devices are perfect for home use, while others are useful for offices, conference halls, and educational institutes and so on.

Here some of the most common types of projectors have been discussed:


  • 3D Projectors


3D projectors are a result of scientific advancements in this field and thus being recently introduced. However, you will not be able to enjoy any 3D movies or 3D visuals without the help of 3D glasses. These 3D glasses are uniquely designed for giving you an enhanced 3D viewing experience. Thus, the 3D projectors offer you unmatched movie watching experience with animated 3D visuals.


  • DLP Projectors


With DLP or Digital Light Processing Projectors, you can experience theatre like feeling by sitting at your home. These Projectors are well-equipped with DLP chips assisted by Texas Instruments. While some of them contain only a single chip, there are other high-end projectors that have multiple chips. If you want to use projectors in dark rooms, then these DLP projectors will be ideal for you as its brightness levels are quite reduced.


  • LCD Projectors


In comparison to DLP projectors, the LCD projectors are quite technologically advanced. These projectors are specialised in offering impressive picture quality and at the same time, it saves a huge space on your appliance. These projectors can also be used in rooms with gleaming luminescence. Due to this advantage, it is widely used in schools as well as offices. As these projectors are lighter in weight than the DLP projectors, it can be often used in homes as well.


  • LCoS Projectors


Liquid Crystal on Silicon projectors, better known as LCoS projectors is much better in their features and functionalities as compared to LCD projectors. This is due to the fact that these projectors utilise LCD chips that do not let light pass through the chips, instead, it reflects light. Compared to the different types of projectors that have been already discussed above, these appliances form smoother pictures but at the same time, it is expensive too.


  • Pico Projectors


If you are planning to buy the best mini projectors, then Pico projectors should be an ideal option for you. Their size is so small that it can easily be fitted into your palms. One of the biggest advantages of this projector is that its setting up does not require much time and is easy to install. Thus, these projectors are popularly used in colleges as well as offices for creating compelling presentations. Another stand out feature of it is that it has low brightness levels up to 500 lumens.


With a vast range of projectors, narrowing down to one is quite a challenging task. But it’s not that hard a task to perform. First of all, you need to make your mind and look out for what purpose you are purchasing the projector. After that, check out this guide to know particularly what type of projector you need. Once you have made your selection regarding projector types, now you can move forward to select brands and models. You may also check out its features and advantages that might be helpful for you in making the selection. Then the last stage is to check your budget and buy the best projector under $100.

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