Social Media Is Causing a Hubbub

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Are you considering Twittering?


Twitter may be the latest and greatest social network, and unsurprisingly, its users are from the "younger" crowd. But the irony of the matter is that even the Baby Boomers can’t get enough social media.


There’s not an industry, demographic or even loosely organized group of people who are not either involved with, or at least interested in, social media. 


Social media works on a personal level (joining an online group that has a similar hobby, keeping in touch with close friends, etc.)… but it’s also important to professionals and their industries.


Some people may wonder why websites like AccessRx provide social media outlets. Why would people who buy online medications benefit from social media? The answer is two-fold. The first reason is to stay informed… they can sign up, for instance, to follow AccessRx on Twitter and be alerted about monthly specials or contests, for example.


And, visitors to our website might also find that signing up for social media websites/outlets (YouTube, Flickr, FaceBook, Slideshare, Twitter, etc.) through AccessRx allows them to converse with consumers who are looking for the same medications, or who suffer from the same conditions as other consumers who visit our website.


Not only can consumers benefit from social media on AccessRx, we utilize social media in our own unique ways to communicate with other marketing professionals, search-engine-optimization companies, and so on, and so on. 


There’s an interactive community for everyone. If you haven’t checked out all of the social media sites listed above, take a peek and see what they’re all about. Maybe even… consider… Twitter. Sign up to follow AccessRx and we’ll keep you posted with periodic specials.


Everyone is doing social media these days, even doctors. You might think they would be set in their ways and more likely to network in more established networks. But they realize the benefits of conversing and sharing information through online social networks like, and


The ease through which information can be shared globally, and the sheer amount of information that is available, make social networking an incredible force. The snowball effect that takes place is a good thing. The more information that doctors and other specialists make available online, the more information that patients can share within their social networks, etc.


Even big pharmaceutical companies such as Sanofi-Aventis and AstraZeneca have launched channels on YouTube so that they could interact directly with their customers.


Building these types of communities, accessible in an instant, strengthens trust and loyalty. Social media provides positive branding and helps forge new relationships. It provides an outlet for more interaction and feedback.


And it’s just as rewarding for Baby Boomers, as it is for doctors, as it is for young Twitterers.

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